Little Joe - SOLD 

2011 Gypsy Horse Colt for Sale



     Little Joe is a nice 2-year old colt who is a black and white tobiano.   He is maturing nicely, and will finish a little on the smaller side at around 13.2 to 13.3 hands.  He trims, loads, grooms, ties, etc...  He moves nicely, and is quite athletic.
     Little Joe has the excellent conformation that the gypsy man would seek.  He has a nice short back, well sloped shoulder, and tremendous feather.  His sweet head is the perfect shape for the breed, and his small ears finish off the package.
 Little Joe is 100% pure gypsy bred from imported grandparents.  He carries blood from such great horses as "The P.O.", and "Royal".  His registration is pending with the Gypsy Horse Registry of America.

     Little Joe will make a great smaller stallion (or gelding) for someone looking for a high quality gypsy horse for show or as a family companion.



The photos below were shot in February, 2013 with his winter coat.